Lencore and BPG

As the BPG office grows and grows we are faced with the tasks of updating our space to meet the needs of our employees and growth. Currently we are remodeling our office space (more to come on that), and with that with are upgrading our sound solutions, communication and mass notification system with Lencore.

Lencore is a company and service devoted to creating comfortable, private and safe workspaces through sound masking and clever communication technologies. In short “keeping a work zone from becoming a work zone”.

“In certain situations and during emergency events the dissemination of information is key to life safety. Messages must not only be seen and heard – they must be understood. Key critical criteria of any mass notification system are: Reach, Clarity, Redundancy and Reporting.” The Lencore Mass Notification system does exactly this. We want our employees at BPG to be, and feel safe. If anything were to happen in the office, the employees would be notified and given simple instructions to deal with the whatever is at hand. Information is key. Information is crucial. Without efficient and effective information good work cannot be done, employee wellbeing and safety cannot be achieved.

“The i.Net Engineered Sound Masking System Solution uniquely addresses the proper requirements for sound masking, paging, and audio for today’s facilities. Each system successfully masks intrusive speech, creates privacy and delivers intelligible paging and audio solutions to ensure intended audiences are well informed and comfortable in their environments.” Essentially, this system eliminates background and busy noise from the environment to create a quiet space, free from auditory distractions. One where the mind can go where it needs to without being tugged around. This system is effective in the private office, conference room, and common areas.

“Whether it is audio or paging throughout the building, a specific floor, department or office, Lencore has a solution to meet your needs.”

Lencore’s engineered solution delivers audio and intelligible paging in one of three ways:

- Independently as a designed system.

- As an integral part of a solution delivering sound masking, audio and paging, virtually giving you three systems for the price of one. (This is what BPG will be implementing.)

- By integrating with independent, existing speaker components.

We at BPG are extremely excited to see what this system is going to do for our work environment and office culture. Once implemented and our office remodel is completed we will be available for scheduled Lencore system demonstrations.