XO Communications Fiber Back-Bone Maintenance / Clean-up


Project Statistics

Year Completed: 2015

Project Name: XO Communications Fiber Back-Bone Maintenance / Clean-up

Owner: XO Communications

Contract: Negotiated

Industry: Broadband

Project Description

  • BPG completed a 12 month project consisting of testing, tracing and fusion splicing in over 50 XO manholes.
  • Test all inactive fibers on 216ct back-bone cable from XO’s central office to determine opens/breaks while also updating panel circuit ID’s and fiber lengths.
  • BPG fusion spliced (32) fiber pairs back to XO’s ring and tested all fibers from the central office utilizing a Fluke DSX-5000 power meter.
  • Maintenance work consisted of replacing damaged splice enclosures/splice trays and re-splicing fibers found to have high Db losses when tested from the central office.
  • Provide documentation for all splice enclosures as well as detailed splice diagrams.
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