Call Centers, Campuses and Everything In-Between

Private Business

Project Information

Owner: Aerospace and Combat Systems Company

Year Completed: 2018

Project Name: New Building Cabling

After removing outdated cable, BPG Installed around 442,000 feet of new cabling throughout the building and tested each connection.

We built out IDF rooms, installed televisions, telephones and wireless access points through 3 floors, allowing this company to continue their work from Phoenix, Arizona.

Project Information

Owner: Bayer

Year Completed: 2018

Project Name: Crop Science

BPG Technologies provided all new cabling infrastructure for two existing buildings and one new building at their Crop Science campus. We also connected and installed new wireless access points throughout all three buildings.

During our installation project, Bayer experienced an outage as a result of nearby construction. BPG Technologies issued fiber technicians and BPG construction to pull and splice new fiber.